Yoga, Cults, and Red Rain Coats

I don’t have many opportunities to wear my (beloved) red coat in fall in January, but today was one of those days. It is raining at the moment, and if it was known he was going to do so it would probably not I should have worn my favorite red shoes, and in fact it […]

Elementary, Or Just Elementary School?

I have been writing this small funny POV scenes in Sherlock fandom and posting them as part of the series on FF. So much fun! I like working on small pieces that turn in a series, because it does not have or need work pressure/commitment chaptered FIC. I could just hold off on the issue, […]

Funny Holiday Movies: Reloaded

Next step in my holidays Netflix watching became documentaries about the drug trade in Miami in the 1970s and 80s. I’d seen the documentary called Cocaine Cowboys before and noticed there was an other version called Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded and wondered what the difference was. Better editing, music, less bloody close-ups and more information about […]

A Well Deserved Holiday

Today counts as a holiday & therefore I get the day off work. But rather than get anything done (I have so much laundry to do. I just have to go downstairs to the basement but right now it feels like way too much work) I can’t get myself to do anything. I did the […]

Dream Homes

I’ve a short break so.. Do you guys ever just go surfing around real estate websites and wish you had a ton of money to renovate houses? There are so many potential objects out there that I just wish I could have unlimited time and money to work with. Not all of them old and […]

Winter Warning

The storm hit on Saturday. My neck of the woods wasn’t badly hit, we just got some snow and some power-outs but it was fixed by the morning after. This was nothing compared to other snowstorms but I have to give our county kudos for prepping well this time around. They had plows standing by […]

Making Friends Of Sorts

So how do you make friends online? I ask because the question occurred to me earlier today as I went on the hunt for some new folks to subscribe to. The web has a unique system for making friends, where you can sort of start stalking people by liking their stuff and not actually know […]